Individual therapist fees range from $40-$120 per 50 minute session. Fee arrangements are based on therapist experience, level of education, certifications and client’s ability to pay. Our individual group therapy sessions are all $40 per session.  Couples group therapy sessions are $75 per couple per session.

MSW intern = $20-$35/session
Pre-licensed LMSW or PLPC = $40-$75/session
LCSW or LPC = $60-$90/session
DBT certified or advanced-trained therapist = $90-$130

Payment is due on the day of service. You may pay by cash, health savings card, debit card, or credit card.  As part of your intake process, your therapist may ask for authorization to bill your credit or debit card even if you plan to pay cash for most sessions.  If you do not pay at the time of services, your card will be charged.  If you fail to call in advance to cancel scheduled appointments, your card may be billed for the session.   

St. Louis DBT therapists do not accept any insurance plans, but we can help you access out-of-network benefits and will provide receipts that can be submitted for reimbursement from your insurance plan.

Why Does St. Louis DBT Not Accept Any Insurance Plans?
We do not accept any insurance plans for a variety of compelling reasons. Some of these benefits include:

  • More time spent with clients (and less time doing billing paperwork)
  • More privacy for clients, as the therapist is not required to report information to a third party for billing purposes
  • More flexibility in the length of each client’s treatment and the problems for which clients can receive services
  • More autonomy and decision making power for clients and therapist to design a treatment that best meets each client’s needs, rather than following standard insurance requirements which often are not evidence-based practices and are created to benefit the insurance company, not the client