Paige Lynch, MA, LPC

Is your life out of control? Are you looking for a non-judgmental place to grow and heal with a practiced and experienced clinician? I can help you when you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, self-harming behavior, and severe depression or anxiety related to trauma or other life stressors. Throughout DBT and CBT treatment you will become more mindful in daily activities, tolerate stressful events, manage your emotions, and create effective communication habits. We can work individually or with your significant other or family members. I have extensive experience working with families, helping them to communicate and live peacefully.

I provide a structured format that directly targets the most troubling behaviors to help you live your happiest life. Together we will explore your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions in a non-judgmental way to discover possible solutions to your problems.

Every person I meet has a story worth sharing and a life worth living. It is my duty to be your partner in creating change. My goal is to help you feel comfortable, free from judgment and to collaborate with you to become more effective in your daily life.